12. Ausgabe des LIGO Magazins veröffentlicht

22. März 2018

Issue 12 of the LIGO Magazine is now available and can be downloaded from http://www.ligo.org/magazine/.

This edition

  • First Detection of Gravitational Waves
    awarded Nobel Prize in Physics 2017
    Barry, Rai and Kip are LIGO‘s Laureates p. 24
  • Black Hole Binary GW170814
    The first triple detection p.23
  • ... and a squeezing roadtrip to the Virgo detector.

Table of contents

  • Welcome
  • LSC News - Foreword
  • The Dawn of Multi-Messenger Astronomy
  • The Light from Gravitational Wave Events
  • The Multi-messenger Revolution of 2017
  • A Lucky Beginning
  • The Lightest Binary Black Hole So Far?
  • Numerical Relativity: A Short Walk Through
  • What is the Equation of State?
  • The First Triple Detector Observation
  • Nobel Prize in Physics 2017
  • Meanwhile in Space... LISA Pathfinder
  • A Road Trip from Hannover to Virgo
  • Once Again, LIGO Makes History
  • Solar Eclipse Photography
  • We hear that ...
  • The LIGO Magazine #12 – Masthead
  • What is a Neutron Star?